Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Skiing ... February

In February, we went skiing at Love Creek ... Asher wanted to come along, but Gabe and Rhy did not. We had SUCH a good time! The weather had been subzero up until Saturday (too cold to ski) and the next day was scheduled to be 50 degrees! So the park was PACKED with skiers.

Snow-pocalypse 2019 ... January/February

In the last week of January, into February, we got a big snowstorm and the kids were out of school for the ENTIRE WEEK! Unfortunately, it was right in the middle of finals ... but we sure enjoyed all the time off! It was almost like a second winter break!

My happy shovelers!

I can always tell how bad the storm will be based on the amount of firewood Nate brings in!

we LOVE the fireplace. The dogs are in this shot somewhere.

Looks like Narnia!

Homemade beef stew on a cold, frosty night!

A gorgeous sunset!

The kids broke out the old wii and played sports together.

Dog whisperer.

Homemade ham/bean soup on another cold, frosty night!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Pastor Leaves ... February

We are so so sad, because Pastor Eric and Kristin are leaving us. They took a call down in Jeff City, Missouri. Words cannot express how bummed we are. He is the best pastor I've ever had. Change is never fun. But we wish them the very best.

Friday, January 25, 2019

National History Day ... January

We took a break between dinner and dessert on Gabriel's birthday and went up to Upton to see how Asher's National History Day project went. Last year, he made a movie about the sinking of the Eastland. This year, he did a documentary on the triumphs and tragedies in Major Taylor's life. He loves cycling, so this is a project that hit close to home. He and Nathan even traveled to the Major Taylor velodrome in Indiana, as well as Taylor's grave in Chicago .... to get footage. They had a great little road trip together. And Asher's project got picked to move on to districts in March. Wahoo!! We're so proud of him!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Gabriel's 17th Birthday ... January

Gabe is now 17! SEVENTEEN! I can hardly believe that. I feel like I was 17 yesterday, and now my firstborn has reached this milestone. WOW. He got an awesome new stereo for his car, as well as a lot other fun things, like a chair from Grandma and Papa and new Merrell shoes from us. Then it was lobster and rib eye for dinner and chocolate ganache cake! Mmmmmm!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Snow Play

This winter has been horribly snow-free. We had a snow day the day after Thanksgiving break .... but only flurries since then. But last night, we got about 5-6 inches. Wahoo!! It’s anout time! (Although it WOULD have been nice to get it on a school day, and get a snow day...we’ll take what we can get!) Asher invited his buddy Eli over, and Rhy and Gabe joined them outside to build a fort and just play around. Even mom went out and made a snow angel!

Mom’s snow angel

Every day I'm shoveling, shoveling, shoveling...

Gabe made a "dabbing" angel

Mom's angel

Asher and Eli

Asher's angel

CRAZY hair!!!

Asher and Eli making angels

Making snow forts