Sunday, April 30, 2017

Odds'n Ends ... April

While antiquing, we found a $3 suitcase for Asher that looks JUST like Newt Scamanders! He quickly filled
it with all his magical supplies and beasts, and has been inseparable from it ever since!

Nate has been mentioned on one of his favorite cycling podcast two  times now! First, he commented about Bike-to-work pants, and they read his comment "on the air",
and then shortly after that, he won a drawing and got a free Greg LeMond book and cap! Yay!!

Making a maze for the turtles to "play" in.

Reading in a hammock! The first time of the year!
Two bookworms!

Tandem ... FINALLY! ... March/April

Nate and I have been wanting a tandem bike for FOREVER. The only reason we've hesitated was A) There wasn't room in the garage and B) I like the $200 models and he likes the $2,000 models. Well, we bought a GREAT used one for $350 from the bike shop here in town. Nate and I have taken a few rides and it's a BLAST! Nate and Gabriel even rode it to and from praise band practice one afternoon in April—70 miles round trip!!!

Grand Mere ... March

Kathryn ... March

We got to visit Keith and Katie in March for a quick, overnight visit. This meant LOTS of snuggles with our newest little niece and god-daughter, Kathryn. SUCH a cutie pie!

Bible Journaling ... March

I got a journaling Bible for my birthday, and have been having a lot of fun drawing pictures in the past few weeks. Here are just a few! I dedicated the "Sing Sing Sing" page to Asher, because that's his favorite song right now .... ever since we watched Swing Kids. He dances around the house listening to Benny Goodman on his ipod shuffle, and once, we even heard him shouting, "I can't believe Hitler didn't like this music!!" TOO FUNNY!!

Unicorns ... February

Rhylah has REALLY been into unicorns lately. (She even crafted a "Unicorn wall of fame" in her bedroom, where she drew about 20 pictures of unicorns and taped them all over her walls .... this has since been replaced with a Beauty and the Beast wall of fame ... because of the new live-action movie). One afternoon, she made matching unicorn horns for her and Roubi and the results were ADORABLE.

Odds'n Ends .... February/March

Rhylah drew an ad for Slumberland Furniture ... it ran in the paper!

addicted to puzzles!! We always have one going on the coffee table!

Short hair! No, not really! Just goofin' around!

Our turtles are doing well...

Woot woot! Handsome man!!!

Asher home sick ... cuddling with the pups.

Mom's 38th Birthday ... February

Eating breakfast with my littles.

Devotions with Gabriel!

Went out for a run and came home to BOXES on my porch!! YIPPEE!

My boys making me a cake!!! Awww!!

Grand Mere ... February

We've had SUCH a mild winter, that not only have I been able to start running again ... in FEBRUARY ... but I've made several trips with the dogs out to Grand Mere to hike and look for sea glass. FUN!