Monday, March 23, 2015

Little Things: February

For us, a lot of times, it's the little things that make life sweet: reading books in a Harrmann pile (we're never more than three feet away from each other, really), taking naps, building snowmen, or cooking. It's a wonderful life!
Me and the boys made renegade biker snowmen. Complete with ketchup/blood.
winter's nap
Cooking with daddy a "Harrmann Pile"

Snow Time

January: Wrestling

Gabriel tried wrestling this year. He learned a LOT and had a blast! Here are a few photos from his season on the Upton team.

National Lutheran Schools Week: Nerd (and crayon) day

National Lutheran Schools week rolled around again. Asher's class dressed up as nerds, while Rhy's class were all different colored crayons. (They had costumes at school.) Too cute!

Gabe's 13th Birthday

Gabriel is now a TEENAGER!! Crazy!! He had a great birthday ... the big gift was an ipod Touch from mom and dad. For dinner, we had Moroccan Chicken with peanut butter pie for dessert. I can't believe he's getting so grown up!

Minecraft shirt

A model for his stop-motion movies

ipod TOUCH!!

Odds'n Ends

Lucca got to meet Cookie, the Measel's new bunny.
Homework buddies.

New Piano

In January, we got a new piano, an A.B. Chase upright. We bought it off of Craigslist from a lady who lives on Lakeshore Drive. Inside, there are tuning dates that go back to 1903! And it's not even too badly out of tune! Ash & Rhy can't wait to start taking lessons!

Random January

A note from Rhylah, at school.

Asher's bed head

We had to relocate some red squirrels. Lucca enjoyed the part where we caught them and he could see them up close.

We watched the 100 foot Journey, a movie about two chefs. Rhy drew this picture shortly after.

New Year's Eve

While it was tempting to set the clocks ahead throughout the day, so we DIDN'T have to all stay up till midnight...we managed to make it anyway, and banged pots and pans together at the stroke of 12 a.m. on our doorstep. It's now 2015! We had a magnificent reprisal of "the feast" to celebrate! And "pots de creme" (coffee flavored, home-made pudding) for dessert! YUM!
I just LOVE Gabe's face here as Nate tries to scare the boys while they play Mario Kart (their new game) 
Asher's castle ... a Christmas gift from mom and dad.
Asher's police station, a gift from grandma & Grandpa!
Pots de creme! Yum!!
Everyone's building something! Mom's got a puzzle, Dad's got Leggos!
Feast! Ham rolls, cheese & sausage, 7-layer dip, chicken wing bites!