Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pony Girl ... May

South Dakota ... April

In April, Nate's grandpa Jerry Erbe passed away. While this was extremely sad, we are overjoyed to know that he is now in heaven. It was heartbreaking, but still good to see all of the family ... to play in the Missouri River, be with cousins, and walk to Zestos together. So we made a few good memories, even though we were there for a funeral. The kids were overwhelmed and awestruck by the beauty of the plains and the way the land rolled on forever, with nothing to see for miles and miles.

Barry Roubaix ... April

Nate rode in the Barry Roubaix this year ... although the bike he'd been working on for MONTHS, broke just before the race. So he had to improvise and get new tires for his OTHER bike, to make it work. Whew! Just in time! He had a blast!

Odds'n Ends ... April

Whether we're working on bikes, snuggling (always within 3 feet of eachother) ... or scraping the house (it's still going!), we manage to stay busy!

Nate's 42nd Birthday ... April

Nate turned 42! He got a BUNCH of cycling books, new Bianchi cycing shorts, a bianchi mug AND a Bianchi t-shirt. Poached salmon for dinner, and a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. YUM!

Milwaukee Visit ... April

In April, we visited with the family at Courtney and Ramone's house, to celebrate Lincoln's birthday. (Courtney also made a red velvet cake for Nate's pending 42nd birthday) It was fantastic to see everyone! The cutest thing ever was sweet little Kathryn (age 1) who, for some reason, was super glued to Nathan. This was adorable, because little children are usually terrified of him. (because of his height, I guess!) He loved every minute of it. :) Also funny was when all the guys decided to "measure up" on the wall ... trying to decide who was taller.