Tuesday, April 08, 2014

My Skating Beauty

We found a pair of roller skates at a local thrift shop for $10. Rhy is SO happy to have a pair! She's been skating all around the driveway this spring!

Papa Staude turns 60!!

We went down to St. Louis in February to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday and Rielle's 1st birthday. They share they same special day! It was great to be there, and my sister threw a great party/brunch. We all contributed photos to make a neat memory book for dad and he really seemed to enjoy the day.
Dad opens his gift—a painted sign with all the stuff we love about him!
With four out of the five grandkids.
The Jamesons! My sister with Rielle, Sydney and Leon.
Birthday girl!
With my sweet little niecelet!
Blowin' out the candles on their cake!
I brought my record player and we played tunes from Papa's "era" all morning! James Taylor, Chicago, Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver and more!

Monday, March 17, 2014

More Snow Play

This is how Nate went to work every day this winter. Even in sub zero weather.
Our back patio.
Our sidewalk. It looked like this for WEEKS.
I went skiing one afternoon while the kids were in school.

Gabriel's 12th Birthday

We did something a little different for Gabriel's 12th birthday this year. His "BIG" gift was that we turned the back room on our main floor into his bedroom. It was previously a pseudo-office/guest room/playroom. When he fell asleep, we proceeded to move his furniture downstairs (without waking him up .... we are GOOD!!!) He was SOOO surprised, and SOOOOOO excited when he woke up to find out what we'd done. We got him a monster lego set and some new sheets for his "new" queen size bed. For the rest of his gifts...we took him shopping so that he could pick out some stuff for his new space. He picked out an awesome CD clock radio that he can also plug his ipod shuffle into...and a new lamp for his new desk. :) He also chipped in on Disney Infinity for the Wii, to the delight of his siblings. Happy birthday, big guy. Don't grow up too fast.
New sheets for his NEW bed!
Peanut Butter pie was the birthday boy's request.
blowing out the candles!

Snow Play

Lots of snow means LOTS of snow play. Here are a few photos!
Rhylah made a snow horse!

For the Birds

So, I was a little obsessed with my birds this year. With no less than TWO polar vortexes that moved through this winter, not to mention several feet of snow, Nathan (who is such a sweetie) helped hang on old light fixture we had in storage, so that the birds were somewhat protected from above from all the falling snow. On the days when it was 40 below zero, I also piled up some sleds so they could get out of the wind. From the photo, you can see that they weren't hesitant about making use of my little ramshackle shelter.

Ice Skating

We took the Youth Group ice skating at the beginning of January. It was super fun—mostly because it was Asher and Rhylah's first time EVER on the ice. They did SO well! Although, watching Rhy walk around the arena with her little walker...I felt like I was glimpsing what she'll look like as a little old lady someday! SO cute! By the end of the event, they were skating around like pros.
Rhylah with her walker. :)
Daddy helps her out.
Candy girls.
Our Youth Group
daddy and Asher.