Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gripe Session

I feel the need to vent.
I'm sick of rain. Sick sick sick of rain. Sick of the way my boys have been bouncing off the walls for the past week as the rain falls -- bored, with nothing to do and no way to work off their nervous energy. I'm sick of our long grass which needs mowing BADLY, but is out of luck as the rain keeps on falling. When I get up, it's raining. When I go to work, it's raining. When I go to bed ... you guessed it. Okay, well, if it's not constant, there's at least ugly clouds or a fine mist/fog hanging about everywhere, making everything damp and icky. Yes, that's right. ICKY. We had a high of 64 degrees the other day. (Yes, St. Louis relatives, I'm sure you're gasping, as you've had 110 recently...) But could I go outside and enjoy it! NO! Because it was raining!! Arrrggg!! It doesn't help that I'm already a super-cranky 34-weeks-pregant woman who's never comfortable. Ah, the world will be a better place when the sun FINALLY shines again!!


marzi said...

you're right. it has been pretty gloomy lately. however, i'm just the opposite. i've been so thankful that it's been so cool out! i'm such a hot little oven being pregnant with this little guy. i keep joking to people that i think my oven is set a little too hot! this weather has actually made the last week a little more bareable for me!

hope you're feeling well.... we're really getting to the end now!

CStaude said...

We NEED rain... send it our way!

DawnK said...

I'm totally sick of this weather, too and barely know what the sun looks like. We've seen a little bit of the sun, the last two days, but it wasn't a very bright sun, and there were still plenty of clouds in the sky. I'm ready for sunny fall days, myself!

+gmjameson said...

Just watched FRIENDS last night with cranky pregnant Phoebe :) Your post brought her to mind ~ so I have mailed you a pair of leather pants and a bottle of tequila. HEY! We updated our blog, by the by :) Love you! Hang in there!