Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snow pals

Here are some fun photos from last night, when Asher FINALLY got to go outside to play in the snow. It's been hard to get him outside when it's just us during the day, because it's really too cold for Rhylah -- and by the time Nate gets home, it's usually dark. So Gabe was kind enough to take his little brother out into the snowy day and show him the ropes of snowplay ... including snow angles, snowballs, and sleds.


Nhia said...

Snow and water ... kids will ALWAYS love them! Where were you able to find snowpants for Asher? I can't find any small enough for Norah.

KatHarrmann said...

I don't remember where we got them -- they were Gabe's and I think we got them from his Aunt as a gift. Sears maybe???

DawnK said...

Cute pictures of the boys! How nice of Gabe to play with Asher, outside!

Merry Christmas!