Friday, September 19, 2008

My Brave Little Scrapper

Take a look at my little scrapper. Poor little dude! I'd love to say he got this puffy, almost black eye from a noble battle -- but indeed, it was only a run-in with a bee in the vineyard. WOW! He is definitely allergic, at least in some degree, to bee stings.
We were out helping in the grape harvest yesterday afternoon, and of course, the bees were everywhere...they may have been wasps, I'm not sure. The boys were busy eating grapes when Ash came to me crying, clutching his face, saying that the "bugs got him with their teeth." We put ice on it and he seemed perfectly fine, but last night...WOW! I called his doctor and since he has absolutely no other ailments other than the swelling, apparently he's okay. They say it can last up to 7 days! (Odd though that the bee stung him low on the cheek and the swelling is up by the eye!)
So if you can think of it, please leave Asher a little pick-me-up message on the blog today-- I'll be sure to read any and all kind words to him and pass along the messages! He's kinda bummed, and sore.

Trying to smile through the sting.

Two boys take a stroll through the vineyard. This is my Uncle's farm and some of the grapes (not these) are closing in on 100 years old.

Asher can't be at the farm and NOT eat. Here he is munching on his third bunch of grapes. Notice how the sting doesn't look as bad here. Even the on-call nurse seemed surprised it would be so bad, seven hours after the sting happened!

Just a picturesque peach tree where I did my picking the other day. I love the way the ladder looks, with the peaches tumbled about on the ground.


amy7252 said...

Extra peaches for Asher!! Hope that swelling goes down soon. In the meantime, you look pretty fierce!

marzi said...

what a little trooper! get better soon asher!

i bet eating more grapes would help! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey katrina that looks like abad sting! well tell him i hope he gets better soon
the den boers

Francie said...

Dear Asher,

The bees probably tried to eat you because you tasted so sweet!

Love, Francie

+gmjameson said...

Dear Asher:

You are so brave. Your Mommy and I would have been too chicken to go near a bee! You make sure your Mommy and Daddy give you loads and loads of ice cream and chocolate cake - that's the best cure for a bee boo-boo.

We love you dearly,

Auntie Gret, Uncle Leon, and Miss Sydney

DawnK said...

Poor Asher! I hope the swelling goes down fast. Sarah got that swollen from a mosquito bite or two, when she was little, too. I'm sure she could sympathize. It's sure no fun being stung.

Nhia said...

Hi Asher! If Norah was close by, she'd kiss it for you and make it all better! Please tell your mommy and daddy to take extra special care of you until you and Norah can meet up once again! :)

Luke's parents said...

Asher! I hope your face is doing well...Luke got stung on the ear last Saturday. He cried a lot and we had to give him fruit snacks. But he did have the great looking puffy eye like you. I hope you still love picking grapes!

The Husters

Katrina said...

Thanks for all the kind thoughts everyone! I read them all to Asher and it made him grin! He's doing much better now and the swelling is finally down.