Friday, January 04, 2013

Field Trip Time

One of the joys of having my youngest FINALLY in school, is that I'm able to participate in school field trips/events like I never was able to before! At the end of September, Rhy's class went to several places, including the Children's Museum of South Bend. (Rhy was so impressed with this "big" city, she asked me if we were in Chicago! Ha!!) Here are some photos of her class trip to Love Creek Nature Center. The kids got to see some animals, go on a nature hike, and catch bugs in jars. My girl even braved up and caught her own bug, ALL BY HERSELF! A "little hopping bug" (according to her). (A small black field cricket.) It was a blast!
Rhy and her buddy Reagan.
The girls of the Kindergarten class! (There are only 5 in a class of 18!) Anna, Lydia, (Reagan in back) Rhylah, and Maya.
Playing games where the kids had to run like different bugs.

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