Monday, March 17, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was at our house this year, and we had a great time! Rhylah still fit into the dress I made her last year and even better, she WANTED to wear it! Seeing her in it just made my heart melt. The most popular gifts of the year included bean bags for all the kiddos, a drum practice pad and headphones for Gabriel, and Disney Princess Elsa/FROZEN dress and acessories for Rhylah and a Kinex Roller coaster and glow in the dark planets for Asher. Of course, we had our Christmas Feast, which started in my family years and years ago when we had only a little money and dad went out and bought pickles and tiny ham salad sandwiches for Christmas Eve dinner. Now, it has blossomed into a full scale extravaganza, with chicken wings and pot stickers, multiple kinds of cheeses, raw beef and onions and little smokies. SOOO yummy! But it's always a good reminder that everything we have is a gift from God!
The kids enjoy the FEAST!
Feasting after church and before opening presents.
Harrmanns, 2013
Gabe gets Legos. All the kiddos got Legos this year.
Planets for Asher.
A scooter for my girl.
Rhy helps daddy open his gifts.
New biking tights!!!
Christmas morning.
Asher's new Minion pajamas.
Princess Elsa....I mean Rhylah! :)
armed to the hilt! (Everyone got nerf guns this year too)
Reading the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book with his new headphones on.
Christmas Day dinner....we had Aunt Kathy over.
Yes, we let her scooter in the house. It was WAY too cold outside.
Dressed up for Christmas morning church.
My folks visited a few days after Xmas. Here's papa, opening the fishing net we got him.
My parents are taking Gabe to Italy. This was one of his clues.
It took him awhile to figure it out...
Wait ... WHAT? I'm going WHERE??!!
BIG hugs for grandma.
Going over the trip details with Papa.

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