Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nate's 38th Birthday

Nate's Birthday was April 17! We celebrated by getting up early (since he had to work...boooo!) and making blueberry lemony cream cheese pancakes. I cooked and the birthday boy got to open presents. He got a book he wanted, the new Harry Connick Jr. CD, some new shoes, and the Muppet Show, Season 1! (also, some Chemex filters, just for fun). What a great morning! At night, we had homemade carrot cake (made by me!). If you ever had wanted to see a grown man eat an entire cake in two days (we had to leave for St. Louis for easter two days later...) this would have been your opportunity!
Eating early! Pancakes and sausages with our early riser, Asher!
Birthday boy with coffee and carrot cake! We didn't have
38 candles, so we gave him a 3. LOL!

goofy guy.
Rhy woke up early, but she wasn't ALLLL the way awake!
NOW she is!! Big smiles for daddy.

Love our little family and our cozy morning kitchen!

hugs for dad!

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