Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Broken wrist

Well, we had an exciting week last week. Rhylah decided to fit one more adventure into her 6th year. She got accidentally crunched against a wall in gym class. Her glasses broke, her face got got so badly they thought she'd need stitches and her arms/wrist broke in two places. So my girl is now in a cast for four weeks. I kept her home the next day. We watched "Once Upon a Time" on NBC (Anna and Elsa from FROZEN were the guest stars!) and ate chocolate banana shakes to help the healing process. ;) She's actually doing REALLY well, and has hardly complained about the cast in the week or so that she's had it. What a trooper!

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Madalyn Oconnell said...

Kudos to Rhylah for being a trooper! It's unfortunate that she had to experience having to deal with a broken wrist, but she dealt with that incident strongly, and I'm sure that makes you very proud of your little girl! Feel better, Rhylah! Take care!

Madalyn Oconnell @ Steadman Hawkins Clinic-Denver