Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas, 2014

The feast-maker!! (although I did make a few things too!)

My three cuties.

Lucca got a Bronner's ornament this year.

The FEAST! Chicken wings, potstickers, shrimp, bread sausage and cheese, raw beef & Onions...

Animaniacs, Season 3!!

I offered to buy her a new dress this year, but she STILL wanted to wear
 the one I made for her. It's her third year in it!

Green Bay Packer slippers!!

The swallow necklace I wanted from Modcloth. Way to go, hubby!

They are never too old to tackle you with hugs!!

A blurry shot of my man in one of his new cycling caps!

Everyone got a bow & arrow set!

Chaos in the living room ... but well worth it!
Opening presents!

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