Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Herb Garden stones and a Chilly start to Spring!

The kiddos helped me paint some awesome rocks for the herb garden. The boys and I hiked down into the ravine creek to find them. (An AWESOME hike that included a daring climb thru a new water drain under Niles Avenue... I think the boys thought I was crazy and I'm sure SOMEONE thought we all were when Asher slipped and started screaming halfway underneath Niles Avenue....EPIC! ... but we all made it out just fine, with only a few tiny leaches and quite a story to tell...) We painted each herb's name on a small stone and placed it in the herb garden. It looks quite cheerful and colorful! The last photo was taken a few days after I planted the garden and the temps plummeted back down into the 30s for the night. So I covered the plants with bed sheets to keep them from freezing overnight. Ahhhh, Michigan! :)

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