Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's a Jungle Out There

The Brown School 2nd Grade class did their performance of "It's a Jungle Out There" ... a mini musical that was about 40 minutes long. Rhy had a BLAST with it. She was a zebra, and had several lines, and didn't lose her nerve once! We were so proud! It was such fun watching her singing and dancing with everyone else up on stage. I told the kids that at least ONE of them had to get the drama bug. She said she would. Then Asher said he would as well. LOL! We shall see! :)
Here is the stage that they literally built, in the tiny gym.
The zebras were tasked by the "king" (lion) to find the secret to happiness. The leopards thought it was partying. The monkeys thought it was video games. :) In the end it was friendship. "And God" Rhylah told me later, in the car. ;)
All the kids were SO cute. I especially liked the elephants, with their big floppy paper ears.

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