Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Odds'n Ends - December 2015

I think I did four puzzles this Christmas break .... mama puzzled as we watched 23 hours of bonus features on the Hobbit Extended Edition DVD (that we got the kids for Christmas) ... we spend DAYS just lounging around watching this ... eating....puzzling.....reading...playing Xbox was wonderful. There was even one day where we pulled our mattress downstairs (a tradition of ours) to sleep by the tree, and the next day, all five of us just spend the day piled on the mattress and couch being lazy. ALL. DAY. LONG. Awesome!! (Oh, this is also a photo of Lucca with his "Big mean kitty" that papa and Grandma sent him in the mail .... they thought it would be much larger (it was intended for Roubi). Rou still gutted it within an hour...poor Lucca!

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