Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fairy Lights

Remember art projects in grade school, where you would wrap tissue paper around a pencil and then glue it down and it would look all fru-fru? Well, in my quest to use up an abundance of plastic bags (I figured there HAD to be SOMETHING I could do with them...) I found this project: DIY Fairy Lights (perfect for an outdoor, summer evening party!). First: Duct tape two short, clear plastic cups together, rim to rim, and cut a hole in one end. Wrap the whole enchilada in double-sided tape. Cut plastic shopping bags into squares (I found that using my rotary cutter, which I use for quilting, worked like a DREAM for this). Using a pencil, stick them all over the cups. Finally, drop an electric tea light into the hole at the top of the plastic cups. Hang. Enjoy! Looks rather like something from IKEA, and all it cost me was the tea light! Plus, if they get wet outside ... no big deal!

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