Sunday, April 30, 2017

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day. I made some wood block string art for the kids (as well as one for EACH of Asher's 30 class members, for the party I organized for 5th grade ... whew!!). As usual, I made cards for the kids and they had a small treat ready for them when they came down in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, I ran Asher's class party in the library at Brown. (Funnily enough, I thought I signed up to HELP with the party, when I really signed up to ORGANIZE it ... this made me panic for a while, as I'm not a party planner, per se, but it all went just fine in the end! Ha ha!!) We had a parfait bar and played games like musical chairs ... which was old school, but the kids totally had a blast with it.

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