Friday, January 11, 2008

My son, the blogger

If you look on the left-hand side of the screen, under my blog links, you will now see a link to my son Gabriel's blog, "Life at 6." Gabe asked me for a blog, because A) apparently the little dude has a lot to say and B) He got a digital camera from papa Bruce for Christmas ... a "real" one, not a "kid" one, and he plans to take lots of pictures and post them on his blog.
My 6-year-old has a blog.
What was I doing when I was six?
I'm not sure I remember ... probably playing My Litty Pony and Barbies and dress-up. I have to say that the most technological of all the gadgets in my own 6-year-old world was probably our old Commodore 64 -- an ANCIENT, and HUGE mythical beast of yore with a computer screen and monitor that would kill a small child if it happened to land on them. There was no internet, no cell phones, no IM-ing, no text-messaging ... heck, there were barely VCRs and certainly no CD players yet!
In fact, the big excitement in my life was when my folks would let me tinker around with one of the typewriters (that's right, we had MORE than one in our household) and I would spend hours writing stories and entertaining myself, despite the fact that I had to use white out on my mistakes afterwards. White out, for crying out loud!!! Do they even SELL that stuff anymore?
So, to my techno-advanced son, I wish him all the best with his new blog. I guess we'll see how much he ends up posting! But regardless ... I figure this is his way of "tinkering with the typewriter" the way his mommy used to do!


marzi said...

how sweet is that! i can't imagine doing anything of the sort at 6! i think i might have been playing with a light brite at best! can't wait to see what the little guy has to say!

DawnK said...

That's cute. I'll have to check it out! I'm sure he can do it and do a nice job! We've been on the internet, since 1997. Emily would have been nearly 5 and Sarah would have been 7. Sarah started playing with a computer, when she was 4 and Emily did, when she was 2-1/2, after we got a cd-rom drive, in 1994! These kids will never know a time, without a computer!

I remember Commodore 64's, too! How old does that make us?

Nhia said...

How sweet!

I think I was watching Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood at 6.

Jen said...

Don't know what you were doing at 6, but at 7, we were having in-depth conversations about Little People and how to best symbolize their interpretation of community...and how GORGEOUS David Bowie was in Labyrinth. I still think all men should wear smokie eye shadow.

I'm totally venturing over to Gabe's space. I'm trying to convince my boss that bloggin with my students is a GOOD thing...this will help!