Monday, February 04, 2008

Big Fluffy Flakes!

It's hard to take a picture of how big the flakes were, but here is a shot out my front window.

Here is ONE FLAKE after it landed on my hand!

Just some fun photos of Rhy playing. She's finally able to hold toys for a short while as she gums them. :)

I'm really starting to LOVE my Mondays and Tuesdays off. For those of you who don't know, when I went back to work, it was on a part-time schedule ... which has been GREAT and necessary, with three kids at home.
Today, as we were looking out the window, Asher and I saw the biggest snow flakes we'd seen all winter! It's hard to show it in photos, but I tried to snap a few!
I was just telling my sister the other day, that it's reached that point of the winter here in Wisconsin, where it snows once or twice a week and the city seems to throw up its "hands" in frustration -- and stops plowing or salting, so the streets are forever covered in one hard packed layer of snow. I find this odd. It's literally like they've given up on trying to keep up with it. So everywhere you go, you're sort of scooting and skidding and fishtailing about. Is this just a Wisconsin phenomenon?
Oh well. I always enjoy the snowy part of winter, because the next part is when everything just looks brown and dead for a long time until spring hits. Ugh. So yes, I do indeed love the fluffy white snow! Maybe I'll take Gabe ice skating after dinner tonight!


+gmjameson said...

What fun! I love these pics. Syd is contentedly hanging out in her bouncy seat and keeps bleffing on her black and white art work ("Stupid, Mama ... move that so I can see Bailey!")

It's like 80 degrees here! Weird.

+gmjameson said...

By the by ~ OF COURSE you should vote for Barack!

Huzzah! ;-0

DawnK said...

Those were huge flakes yesterday! They didn't last all that long and then it just rained. Ugh.

Hope you get to go skating with Gabe. That would be fun.

Rhylah is so cute. It sure is fun watching them gain more control of their hands!