Friday, February 01, 2008

No help from the polls

So I've been confused as to who I should vote for in the presidential election. To be honest, I haven't been paying THAT much attention to all the election mumbo jumbo. Mostly because I got ticked off that it started too early. Kind of like when you go into a department store in August, and you can't buy a bathing suit, but you can purchase a lovely Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer light up lawn ornament. It makes my blood boil. So now that I'm FINALLY trying to tap into the mass amount of information, double-speak, hysteria, mud-slinging and double-entendre that makes up our political system -- I find myself ... wanting to sob. I'm not ready for this. It's like putting on a bikini in February. Argghhhhhhh!!! NOT READY! NOT EMOTIONALLY ABLE TO HANDLE IT! MAKE IT GO AWAY! Please, someone! So, to get an idea of who I might want to begin watching, I took a poll. (see my sidebar, where the quiz is located for anyone who is interested). Did it help? Nope. You can see from the results that apparently I'm dead even between Obabma and McCain. Now, I knew I wasn't a Hillary girl, so that didn't surprise me really, but wow! How diverse! Seems like I have quite a way to go before my mind is anywhere near to being made up.


Francie said...

I love Obama. I saw him twice when he came to Iowa and I saw Hillary twice. I saw McCain too. I love Obama. He needs the help more than McCain. Vote Obama.

DawnK said...

I haven't really decided yet, although it will be a Democrat! LOL! With Hillary, I almost think it will be Bill and Hill running the country!