Saturday, May 03, 2008

Out for a walk on a drizzly day!

We went on a walk today in a slight drizzle. Here are my boys (and girl) heading out down the sidewalk.

I told the boys to try and find the biggest gravestone in the cemetary as we were walking through -- mainly to get them out of my hair while Nate and I were trying to talk. When I looked up, here is what they had found. Um. Okay! Yeah, they won that game. YOWZA!!

Check out Rhylah hanging out in the Kelty!

Smiley Asher in his new hat from Old Navy.

Roxy on the beach. She LOOOVES running in the water -- but is too chicken to chase a stick into the waves.

Mr. Gabriel, who is part mountain goat, climbs on the rocks. What fun!

Kisses on the beach!

When we got home and took off the Kelty to get Rhylah out, here is how we found her. Sacked OUT!

She was out like a light! Ya gotta love fresh air!


CStaude said...

Loved seeing all these photos! Rhy looks just like you did when you were little and would fall asleep in your carrier! The boys are so cute!

marzi said...

looks like you guys had a lot of fun! the pictures all look like they should be on a postcard!

Nhia said...

Wow, you guys sure made the most out of crappy weather! Looks like a load of fun for sure!