Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Memorable Memorial Day

Well, despite the fact that we didn't have Nathan with us on Memorial Day this year (he's in Atlanta for a few days playing volleyball, lucky guy!) I must say that this year's Memorial Day stands out as one of the best of memory.
The kids and I started the day, which was the warmest of the season yet with highs in the 80s, at the parade downtown. It was Rhy's first big parade and she wore the new outfit she got from Grandma at Children's Place (check it out in the last photo grandma!! Too cute, eh?). When we came home, I put the sprinkler on for the boys, and sat on the front porch watching them, with Rhylah in her saucer. Soon, we had bunches of neighborhood kids over playing... drinking pink lemonade and enjoying the first summery day of the season.
Then the kids and I took a long nap and got up to go play in the park with my good pal Nhia and her kids. After that it was home for chicken and corn on the cob (the boys absolute FAVORITE). We relaxed from all the outside air by watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (for the second time this weekend). When I asked Gabe how his day was, he said it was the "Bestest one ever!" Hmmm...looks like old mom isn't doing too badly all on her own!

Rhylah hams it up for the crowd of neighborhood kids on our porch.

Asher dashes through the sprinkler. He was shivering, even though it was warm, but he would NOT stop playing in the water!

Gabe has some fun too.

Some of our neighborhood friends.

Rhylah in her cute new outfit. Thanks Grandma!!!


DawnK said...

Sounds like you had fun! Great pictures! We went to visit my SIL and my kids dipped their feet, in her pool. The water was cold and they didn't have suits, so no swimming. Too bad it only lasted for one day!

marzi said...

the weather yesterday was crazy! looks like you had a blast and that outfit is too cute!

CStaude said...

I LOVE the outfit! Those bloomers are SO cute! The hat's a winner too! Your Memorial Day sounded WONDERFUL!