Thursday, September 26, 2019

Random September

New dishwasher!

Any pants, dad? yes, of course! It just doesn't LOOK like it!


We used the old tooth fairy pillow for the last time last night. Rhylah lost her last tooth. I used this same pillow as a kid....and we’ve gone from leaving glitter fairy dust on the window (toddlerhood) to an honest discussion of what the heck mom does with all those teeth? (Today) I’ve planned ahead with crisp dolllar bills, I‘ve scrounged for quarters in the couch or the laundry jar at the last minute ... heck, I’ve even borrowed $$ from my older kids to pay the “fairy fee” ...but I’m proud to say, that I rarely forgot. And for 60 baby teeth (3 kids), that’s not bad!! Good memories.

Watching a movie with buddies, Gabby and David

Rhylah got to be in a Meijer photo shoot!

Dinner out at Northshore Inn! Mmmmm... burgers!
Rhy made this in Mrs. Lopresti's english class/6th grade

Reading Hobbit on a fallish day.


Isaac Measel said...

Hey, this is Isaac Measel, Asher and I used to go to school together. I don't know if you remember me, but I wanted to say hi, because Asher and I used to be good friends.

Unknown said...

Of course we remember you, Isaac! How are you and your family doing? Hope all is well! :)

Isaac Measel said...

Yeah, we're doing great! Andrew went off to college at U of M, so the house is way quieter.