Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Feeling sunny

Okay, I bought these swimsuits for Rhylah in the dead of winter, because they were 50 percent off at Kohls and I couldn't resist! So today, in honor of the sun outside and the temps in the 50s ... so toasty! ... I decided to get her dressed up and take some photos. These suits are size 12 months, so as you can see, she's growing like crazy!

This is my new favorite shot of her! (above)

Being silly!

I think she's got a Norma Jean look to her features here (above) ... look out America's Next Top Model!!!

Here is the back of the suit -- super cute with a fancy bow! I just love having a girl to dress up!

We took this one at the end -- I love her smile! I also love playing photo shoot while her brother sleeps ... can you tell???


marzi said...

what a cutie! makes me long for a little girl to dress up in cute clothes!

amy7252 said...

Cute swimsuits! You know, it IS fun to dress up little girls, isn't it?

Sleepless Sabra said...

Too cute, I love the little bow in the back!

CStaude said...

Oh my, I LOVE these.. Bring that baby to my house... we will swim and swim and swim!!!! Those little teeth look so cute in her smiley face... What a dolly!

DawnK said...

Cute swimsuits and a beautiful smile! She is getting so big!