Monday, March 31, 2008

Gumbo Fun

Here is my gumbo, courtesy of a Martha Stewart recipe which was super easy! It includes Andouille (sp?) sausage, chicken, peppers, onion, and celery. It's pretty basic! And super good!

Fresh French crusty bread. YUMMY!

I tried a new recipe this past weekend and made some homemade Louisiana style gumbo. It was YUMMY! My first time making roux went very well (essentially, it's flour that you brown in a frying pan and then add butter -- it gives the gumbo a yummy, nutty flavor and brown color) I also was inspired to make a homemade loaf of crusty French bread. Nathan helped! When all was said and done, it was sooooo good, made the house smell divine and hardly took any time at all and quite frankly, I think it cost less than 50 cents a loaf to make. WOW. For fresh French bread at the grocery store, you would pay around $3 at least! Maybe we'll make bread like this more often!


CStaude said...

yum! Looks like an awesome meal!

marzi said...

mmm....looks yummy! is that a salt shaker on the table? if it is, it's very it!