Sunday, June 01, 2008

A nice day for the world to change...

Here are some photos of our fun time down at the beach this afternoon! It was Rhylah's first experience with sand! It's also our last day of normalcy, as Nathan heads to his new job, which he starts tomorrow! WOW. A whole lot of change for us Harrmanns!

Rhylah and mommy on the beach

Miss Rhylah with a mouth full of sand. Yummy!

Asher grins at the camera.

Gabriel, crossing the Delaware.

A "Team Harrmann" pile of sandals.

I know she's making a weird face here, but I LOVE the seagull footprints in the sand all around her.

Daddy gets some snuggle time with his princess.


CStaude said...

Sweet collection! I plan to steal several of these!
The second shot (the one of Rhy) looks almost identical to one you took of Gabe on the St Joe pier when he was just about her age!!!

Sandal shot was inspired! Very cute!

Nhia said...

You guys look like you had such a good time! That's a wonderful, sweet shot of Nate with Rhylah.

marzi said...

wow! so do you already have a place up there? you're going to have your hands full! if you ever need a hand, or an ear to listen please don't hesitate to let me know!