Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Asher is THREE!

We had a fantastic weekend. My little man Asher turned 3!! And Nate's sister and her family drove over from Wisconsin to share in the fun. Asher's favorite present is seen below ... he is still full-throttle in his Indiana Jones phase, so we bought him a sound-effects whip that makes noises and plays the Indy theme song. He was in heaven!

Asher with his new toy.

The cousins had a great couple of days together. Here they are all stuffed into our livingroom chair as they play video games.

Making their own pizza at Asher's little party.

Oh, and just a side note ... I thought we had snow last week when we got an inch?? Nope. Here was the real stuff. It dumped on us Thursday late at night ... 10 inches in about three hours ... and we didn't even know we were expecting snow! But on the bright side, Gabriel had a snow day from school and was able to be home with Asher on his birthday!


Anonymous said...

hey katrins tell asher i said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! we miss you guys soo much and hope that we can talk some time! we got snow to only a little though like maybe a inch! say hi to the whole family for me!
love becky d

DawnK said...

Happy Birthday, Asher! How nice of Gabe to get a snow day, on Asher's birthday! Glad you got to have some family over for a visit, too!

nhia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHER! He's so cute in that fedora! Does he look/act 3 now? Especially compared to Gabe at that age? I'm constantly drawing comparisons between Norah and Ella. And because she's always going to be my baby, it's hard to let go of her -- to acknowledge that she's growing up! Do you feel that way with Asher? Wow, they grow up so fast, don't they?