Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Snow

We got about an inch of snow last night, so as soon as we got home from dropping Gabriel off at school this morning, Asher insisted that we put on snow pants and boots and head out to play!

Asher holds Rhylah's hand to help her keep her balance.

Cutie pies!

My snow bunny ... she kept burrowing her head in my shoulder whenever I would try to take her picture, but I finally got her! Check out the pink nose!

Mr. Asher LOVES the snow...

...but he seemed a little concerned that the statue of the child in our garden was chilly -- he spent a lot of time talking to it and packing more snow around it ... to keep it warm???

Hot cocoa for everyone in their sippy cups after a short play outside!


CStaude said...

My students are all jealous! SNOW! We want some too! It's going to be 56 here today! I love that Ash wanted to keep the garden "child" warm... so sweet!

DawnK said...

Awww, what sweet pictures. They both looked like they enjoyed the snow! We haven't had an accumulating snow, in Sheboygan yet. It's just been snowflakes and snow flurries. Although, the other day, it snowed worse out near Plymouth and Gary said cars were in ditches and stuff like that.

Nhia said...

Wow! Are your cute kids having fun or what?!? There are only 2 reasons why I'm looking forward to snow this year: So we can capitalize on Sheboyganites' fascination with weather and produce breaking-news type weather videos, and of course -- so the kids can play outside and build snowmen, make snow angels and help shovel!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katrina,

I am trying to get in touch with Nathan regarding the pictures he took of Gavin back in February. I have tried through Bruce and Keith, but no luck. Thought I would try here. If he could send me an email or call that would be great! We just want to get our empty picture frame filled now that Gavin is 10 months old! Nathan can email us at wilkefamilyemail@gmail.com Thanks, Katrina!

Susan Wilke