Monday, November 17, 2008

Great taste in music...

Okay listen to the video in my last post and then listen to this video posted here and let me know if you recognize anything...
First, I must tell you that in my "younger days", I collected soundtracks, so nowadays, when I'm watching a movie, I'll frequently recognize a line or two of music from a new movie and be able to "name that composer." So about 20 minutes into creating my video of Rhylah this past weekend, I realized I had HEARD the music before, even though it was just a random song from the move "Emma" that I had pulled from my iTunes library. I went online and pulled up all the Pure Michigan ads I could find and it was nearly the same song! Yep, same composer ... Rachel Portman.
On a different tangent ... these Michigan ads have Michiganders everywhere puddling up. I literally stood in line for over an hour at the DMV when we first moved here (to get my new drivers license) and watched ad after ad after ad play on the big TV sets all around the waiting room. I swear it decreased the stress levels of the people in the room ... people in line were even getting all misty-eyed about their own state. They really are quite good, I must say ... makes me get all weepy! Gosh, I wish I lived in Michigan! OH wait!!! Lucky me!
Trivia time: Can you name the actor doing the voice-over on the ads?


nhia said...

I KNEW that was "soundtrack music" for Rhylah's video -- I myself collected a ton of soundtracks during my high school and college years too. My favorite? Probably "Legends of the Fall" and "Braveheart." :)

I couldn't guess the voice, and it bothered me so much, that I Googled it. Never would have guessed it because I'm not a big fan, but it makes sense since he's a native!

Did you know I grew up in Michigan? On the other side, by the thumb: Saginaw, which I hear is "Little Detroit" now. But yes, this commercial hits it right on. Or maybe it's not so much Michigan as much as it is our generation being forced to be creative and take advantage of the beauty of our earth (rather than being indoors to play video games, blog, etc. :)

+gmjameson said...

Ooh! Ooh! I know! Pick me! Pick me!

... I won't spill the beans, but his sitcom from our adolescence was based in Detroit!!!

GREAT ads.

DawnK said...

I had to Google it, too, and then listened again. Sure enough, it's him, but I didn't guess just listening to it.

Where those kids are running down a dune, is that Sleeping Bear??? I so have to visit that. It must be so cool!

His show started when I was 31, in September 1991. I was 3 months pregnant with Emily, and Sarah had just turned 2.

Katrina said...

Dawn, it's either Sleeping Bear Dunes or Warren Dunes, which is right here in town .... dunes the size of small mountains! Very cool!
I also, did not believe my hubby when he told me who did the voice-over. And I had been listening to the ads for months. It just didn't sound like him!