Friday, July 26, 2013

Vacation-Day 2

Day 2: We did a LOT of dune hiking today! And when I say a lot...several hours! I thought Rhy was gonna poop out on us. You can see from the photos that she was dog tired. But she perked up halfway there, and by the end, she was running ahead and had more energy than the rest of us COMBINED. It was gorgeous out there. We never did figure out which specific dune was the "sleeping bear." but it was all lovely. Afterwards, we visited Empire, had some ice cream and visited the local beach. It was an exhausting, but marvelous day!
We came across children like this, every so often ... they'd just given up and lay defeated in the sand. LOL! Not really. I thought Rhy wouldn't last, but she did!!
Daddy encourages Rhylah to "go farther!" And she sure did!
We got some amazing butcher's bacon and homemade hot dogs from a little deli in the back of this grocery shop. YUM!
A handsome woodsman getting firewood for his family camp fire. :)

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DawnK said...

Loose sand is hard to walk on. It sure exhausts me. We went to Kohler Andrae State Park a few weeks ago and had to walk on a lot of loose sand to get off the beach, while going uphill ever so slightly. It was a lot of work! I suppose that is what walking the dunes is like! LOL!

All that ice cream looks delicious! Makes me want to go to the South Pier Parlor. It's near Blue Harbor and it's so good.