Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Vacation: Mackinac Island

I will have several posts about Mackinac Island, because it was just so beautiful ... it was our favorite day of vacation, and we waited and waited for the sun to come out all WEEK LONG for this day. This first post just covers the boat ride over. We took our bikes...and our chihuahua. (He proved very popular on the island, with people stopping us to pet him or take pictures of him in his smart little bike basket (which Nathan so kindly made for him, with a padded lid and everything, to keep him comfy on this trip). The boat ride took about 30 minutes, and was a blast. The kids got slightly bored, so we gave them my camera and told them to take photos. So a few of these are their pictures....
Making our way onto the Arnold ferry.

Lucca is ready for adventure!

Our brave, intrepid explorer!

Our "steerage" ... shot by Rhylah

A shot by Asher, of something he found interesting. Gabe took the shot of the ropes, just below.

The Grand Hotel, from the water.
and....closer still.

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