Friday, July 25, 2014

Fourth of July: Part 1

We spent the Fourth of July on Silver Beach... on of our favorite holidays of the year. Usually, we have company, but this year, we didn't! We packed a HUGE picnic, as usual ... macaroni salad with TONS of eggs, a wonderful salami and prosciutto sub with olive relish and goat cheese ... and clever little blue berry cheesecakes in mason jars. The weather was a bit chilly, but the lake was warm and we had a blast!

Digging their hole to sit in during the fireworks. Everyone does this at Silver Beach, making a sort of ramp, to lay back against. Then, when everyone leaves at the end of the night, it looks like a million huge crabs have been digging burrows all over the beach.

All set!! Of course, fireworks aren't till almost 11 p.m. .... eastern time zone. Sigh!

Hello handsome!

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