Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fun Fourth of July

We had a fantastic Fourth of July! We started the day by waking up, eating breakfast and saying bye to dad (who played in a volleyball tourney all day down on the beach, eventually winning third place! Yay honey!). Then the boys and I got on our bikes and headed downtown to check out the parade. You can see the boys in the photo, waiting for the parade. I tried to get them to look at me, but Asher was more concerned about the slowly approaching bands and fire trucks. It was a new experience for him! Then, afterwards, we visited Nathan down on the beach. The boys had fun playing in the shallow water at the beach, jumping in the waves. Neither of them had really experienced real "waves" before and they had a blast -- especially Asher, who would shriek and giggle everytime a wave would wash against his chest as he stood in knee-deep water. Then we had hotdogs on the beach for lunch. (thanks to all the food vedors which were already set up on the beach for the fireworks) Afterwards, it was home again, and a long nap for all three of us (yay!!!) and then we were up, prepping hamburgers, corn on the cob, and a patriotic berry trifle for dessert. (which tasted much better than it looked...thanks to Martha Stewart!) The photo of Asher is his first encounter with corn on the cob, which we discovered he loves as much as Gabriel. He ate an entire ear all by himself! Gabe had about 2!) Nate's dad, Bruce, joined us for dinner and afterwards, for fireworks, which we enjoyed on the rooftop of my work building -- at Gabe's insistence. It's perfect because there are no crowds, plenty of parking and a PRIME view of the fireworks. What a wonderful day! Happy 4th everyone!


DawnK said...

Sounds like a fun day! We saw you and the boys, on your bikes, crossing Superior, on 8th street, when we were going to the parade!

Your menu sounds delicious, too! We ended up just going out for Chinese food, before we went to the fireworks. My friend's husband, likes to watch the fireworks south of Blue Harbor, so we don't have any vendors to choose from. There are a fair amount of people over there, though, by King Park, so they really should have something! We always bring our own treats and drinks, though. (and toilet paper!)

CStaude said...

Your berry dessert looks yummy! But I am guessing Asher liked the corn better! :-)