Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dining Room Makeover

The old dining room, complete with red walls and old furniture.

The new dining room, with new, lighter paint and new furniture. What a difference!

Our new buffet. My farvorite part is the wine rack, which we already stocked with some of my dad's best from his vineyard. We even have a 2004 Concord in there dad! :)

An overall view of the dining room ... note Rhylah's spot in the corner. We keep the pack'n play set up downstairs for afternoon naps and diaper changings! I also love the new high chair, which you can barely see in the corner. We ditched our old plastic one.

Some of you may recall that we remodeled our basement with my last pregnancy. What used to be a dark, dank hole with molded carpet and wall-to-wall cupboards was transformed into a new guest room/living room/office area that was much more functional.
Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones that get us going on projects, or just the idea of nesting, or getting ready for change ... but we recently finished the remodeling of our dining room.
In the first photo, taken last summer on the Fourth of July when Nate's dad, Bruce, was visiting for the day, you can kind of see what it used to look like. Dark red walls, no carpeting, no curtains, and an old set of dining room furniture circa 1945 (ish) that was lovingly taken into my first home while still in college. The set belonged to my grandparents, and when my grandma died, it got passed along to me. It served us well for some years, but the chairs were falling apart and the table and buffet had seen better days as far as dents and scratches go.
We repainted the room a few weeks ago, using this awesome Ralph Lauren faux finish called "Candlelight" that reflects a shimmery quality that only shows when the light hits it just right. Then we dressed up the room with new drapes, a carpet, and dining room furniture off of of all places. We got the whole set, plus a buffet, for what Crate & Barrel wanted for just the table and chairs. I wasn't expecting exceptional quality, but was very surprised at how wonderful it is! We are extremely happy with the results. All that's left to do is to run to Pier 1 and pick up some accent pieces for the table and buffet top! What fun!


CStaude said...

Very pretty! It looks fabulous!!!! I bet you were SO excited to get it!
Does the table open up or is it all one piece? Congrats on a beautiful makeover!

T.Leaf said...

Soooooo good! I must say, you have the coolest home. When Kelly and I are decorating our first, can we call you for tips?!?

KatHarrmann said...

Mom: Yep, the table has a big leaf, so it grows much bigger! :) And we got six chairs total.
Todd: Sure you can call us! But I must say, It's Nathan that has the superior decorating abilities. He's got an eye for it!

amy7252 said...

(mock gasp) You got rid of the table, chairs, and buffet from the infamous "grandma collection"? Nooooooo!!! (OK, so I got rid of our couch when we moved to France. Amazingly, the TV still works.)

Looks great!

DawnK said...

It looks beautiful and I can't believe how much different the same space looks, with new furniture and new paint! Great job!

+gmjameson said...

This looks splendid! Love the drapes!