Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh, what a night!

Just when you think nights are going well... you learn to never trust a hunch. Here's a rough estimate of our night last night...

11:45 p.m. An exhausted mommy and daddy go to bed after feeding Rhy, who has decided only to eat for 10 minutes at a time today, before falling asleep so soundly that she can NOT be awakened to finish eating.
1 a.m. After just reaching REM sleep, mommy is, as usual, the first to be awakened by Rhylah's cries. She kicks daddy and mumbles, "Go prep her." Daddy gets out of bed like a champ to go change Rhylah's diaper before brining her back to mommy for feeding.
1:10 a.m. Rhylah poops herself. Mommy takes pity on daddy's snores and changes the diaper herself.
1:20 a.m. Mommy feeds Rhy a little formula after her feeding, to get her to sleep better.
1:25 a.m. Rhylah poops herself. Mommy changes the diaper again.
1:30 a.m. Rhy is wide awake and blinking at mommy with eyes that say "Please don't put me back in my crib!" Mommy snuggles Rhy in bed, up on a pillow between mom and dad and tries to sleep.
3 a.m. Mommy still hasn't slept. She asks daddy to put Rhy back in her crib.
3:20 a.m. As daddy drops off to sleep, Gabriel yells in his sleep and daddy leaps into action to get him out of the upper bunk and to the potty before an accident occurs. Yay daddy!
4 a.m. Rhylah wakes for a feeding, daddy changes a diaper, mom feeds Rhy and falls asleep watching the CBS morning news... carries Rhy back to her crib in a state of near-sleepwalking.
5 a.m. Ash wakes up with a bad dream calling for mommy. Mommy to the rescue.
6:30 a.m. Daddy gets up for work.
7 a.m. Boys wake up mommy and we all start our day.
The sad thing is that despite all of this, I'm still getting better sleep than when I was 9 months pregnant! Unbelievable, eh? And who knew that your kids could be most demanding while they were sleeping!!!


amy7252 said...

How soon we forget about those sleepless nights. I was just grousing around because Colin took the night shift, but Elle woke me up anyway because she still feels the need to practice SCREAMING at all hours of the night. I think I'll take my interruption of a full night's sleep over your schedule any day!

You, by the way, are my hero now. How in the world are you surviving?!?

marzi said...

sounds kinda like my day today. rowan has been screaming all day for no apparent reason and has not slept at all. he's been eating every hour on the hour all day long! :( nothing seems to make him happy today. must be something in the air.

DawnK said...

I remember those days! When Emily was little, Sarah started having night terrors, so on the nights that Sarah slept, Emily would wake up to be fed, and on the nights that Emily slept, Sarah would wake up screaming! I couldn't win. These things shall pass. I can't imagine juggling 3 kids' night-time needs!

+gmjameson said...

Uncle Leon says "Sudafed is a miracle drug" JUST TEASING.

I think we will just stick with Syd. ;-)

Love you ~ hope you have some down time today ...