Friday, October 12, 2007

Our baby girl

Rhylah at the hospital -- what a cutie!

A blurry shot, but a great one of her with her eyes open!

Me and my little lady in pink -- all dressed up to go home from the hospital. I LOVE this hat on her!

Me and Rhy, (we pronounce her nickname "Rye") close up!

Rhy and her daddy -- kisses from the main man in her life!

Here are some more photos of our Rhylah (prounouced "rilla" for those of you who are wondering!). We think she's just the cutest thing ever, of course! Our stay at the hospital went rather well. We got home yesterday, and both our boys were super excited to welcome the newest member of the Harrmann household! Rhylah had a great first night in her crib, although I had a hard time parting with her, since we spent our nights at the hospital sleeping side by side, with her inevitably moving closer to me during the night to snuggle against my side, throwing an arm toward me from time to time and snuggling her little face up against the side of my chest. I'm in love, what can I say!!
In other news, Rhylah has another nickname, besides Rhy ... when Ash first met his little sister, he was greeted with a series of screams and yowls that sounded rather like an angry cat.... Asher tentatively said "Baby!" and then, in a voice of astounded wonder "TIGER!" Because apparrently, to him, she sounded like an angry cat indeed! :) So now, Rhy's unofficial nickname is "Tiger." Too fun!


DawnK said...

Congratulations. She is so pretty! I figured out that it was "rilla", after I looked up the reference to "Rilla of Ingleside" and her character being named after Ma-rilla. I guess Tiger works, too! LOL! I'm glad the birth was uneventful and that she's healthy, too!

amy7252 said...

As I said in your mom's Facebook photo album: LOVE the hat!!

She really is a cutie! Congrats again!

marzi said...

great pics! glad you're all home and doing well!

Nhia said...

Isn't having a girl so wonderful? i must admit: It was sorta weird seeing photos of you with a baby GIRL after always seeing you with the boys. I'm sure that's how many felt when I had Ian! :)

So you are trying the side-by-side nursing?

+gmjameson said...

Beautiful pictures, Kate ... we love you all so very much. And can't wait to meet Rhy. Rhy and Syd - what a pair! ;-)

Love you!