Thursday, June 05, 2008

Memories worth Making

Other than holding her mouth open like a baby bird -- as far as it will possibly go -- Rhy doesn't usually show much emotion when eating dinner. So this was a huge change. Check out these photos of my little girl having a blast waving her arms around and getting rice cereal ALL over the place!

I'm discovering new joys with my children that I never did before. Being with them, 24/7 as the only parent on duty for most of the week will (I figure) either 1) Make me insane or 2)teach me new things about parenting and patience that I needed to learn anyway. So far, I'm happy to say it's been mostly No. 2 with a few sporadic periods of No. 1 thrown in there for good measure.
Case in point: We had HORRIBLE weather this morning. At 6 a.m. I awoke to the first rumblings of what would be a terrific storm blowing out toward the lake. It was BAD. Well not at first. At first, I relished the feeling of being snug and warm in my bed while the rain beat a staccato rhythm on my window -- you all know that feeling. Our house is one of the tallest in the neighborhood, so I enjoyed the sensation of curling into a ball like a bird high in its nest and grinning into my blankets at the thought of another hour to sleep before my kids woke up. But then the thunder and lightning started. Yee gad. It got ROUGH. And, not having a sleeping bear of a hubby, who is usually so nice about letting me crawl up his armpit when it gets nasty outside and I get frightened -- I did the next best thing. I grabbed Rhylah. She was awake anyway, so I snagged the little cutie and brought her to bed with me, where we held each other like the fraide-cat girls we were. Within minutes, Gabriel and Asher were charging in and under the blankets -- piling in until we were a sort of snug Harrmann pita pocket, with Roxie laying on our feet (yes, she was scared too). The point of this whole story is that this morning was wonderful. We hugged each other and giggled into the covers -- we jumped at the loud lightning and Gabriel counted the distance between the flash and the sound while Rhylah clutched Asher's hand (Roxie tried as best as she could to get into Rhylah's lap ... those two have a strange bond -- I'm convinced Roxy thinks Rhy is her pup or something...)
So we made a memory. A rather good one at that. And I'm finding that these days that we're marching through so VERY slowly without Nathan, can be useful afterall. Can be GOOD, even if we miss our sweetie with all our hearts.
So yes, I'm having some good parenting moments in this whole moving mess. It's nice to know that life has it's moments of beauty, even in the midst of chaos!

(addendum: I found out later, to my shock, that we were under a tornado watch all morning ... so perhaps next time it sounds bad out, I will get my lazy butt out of bed and head to lower ground a bit sooner! YIKES!)


amy7252 said...

"Harrmann pita pocket" -- love it!!

This is a much warmer and fuzzier memory than the time we lived together at Tara and ran screaming downstairs, banging on apartment door after apartment door, begging someone to let us in so that we would be safe from the tornado that never came. Geez. I wonder what that guy thought about us??

Katrina said...

He probably thought ... "I have two hot college girls sitting on my couch ... man, it needs to storm more often!!!" Hee hee hee!!! :)

Francie said...

Your daughter is like the Michelin man or a chow chow puppy. So wrinkly chubby and cute!

Katrina said...

Yeah, she does NOT lack chub and rolls. Her brothers were like that too as babies!

DawnK said...

What cute joyful pictures! You don't have to run, from a tornado watch. It's the warning, where you need to head for the basement! LOL! Sounds like a fun family time. My kids used to jump in bed with us, during storms, too! Some of those thunderclaps were LOUD!

Nhia said...

Super cute rolls! It's always soooo much fun with all the kiddies piled up with you onto a bed. We go through that EVERY morning!

Did you see my weather video report with me soaking wet out in the rain? I had to use my jacket to protect the camera!

CStaude said...

I hear there's good news on the house!!! Huzzah! I told you so! (I get to say that at times like these)
Check my blog.. more on our travels there!!