Monday, June 09, 2008

Gabe's Graduation

Gabriel graduated kindergarten on Friday. He was so proud, and so were Nathan and I! They celebrated by singing several songs for us and putting on a play, in which Gabriel starred as a monkey. It was great fun! Then they got to do their graduation march, complete with paper hats and "diplomas" with gold ribbons. Check it out!

Me and Gabriel at his big "Graduation" ceremony. I can't believe he's almost a first grader!!!

Rhylah got all dressed up for the occassion, even if she was left out of the action in her umbrella stroller for most of the half hour. Poor girl!

Gabriel and his super cool teacher, Mrs. Foster.

The big graduate! On to Harvard!

I'm not really happy with how blurry this video came out on YouTube...if you could see the real thing, you'd see how big Gabriel is grinning and how pink his face is! Too cute! However, at the beginning, you can hear Asher shouting out "Where's Gabe?" which is mildly entertaining.


DawnK said...

Congratulations to Gabe! They grow up so fast!

CStaude said...

Hello Gabriel!
We are SO proud of you. I got to see your pictures all the way in Italy thanks to your momma's blog!
I am bringing surprises back for you. Today I walked on a volcano!!!Love you,