Monday, June 16, 2008

Zero Hour

Nate sits on the roof trying to de-bird our chimney and other various roof fixtures. Our roof is VERY steep, and our house is VERY tall, so he had to use his climbing gear to get to the top!

Gabriel makes a sign that says "Indy Hoem," meant to say "Indy's Home" as he plays Indiana Jones in our empty UHAUL this past weekend.

Me and my work friends celebrate good friendship at lunch today. It was a great chance to see everybody before I leave. I'll miss you all!!

Well -- it has begun.
Oh my, pray for me dear readers.
It is zero hour.
You've probably been wondering where the heck I've been in the last week! Well, we sold the house! And I have to pack up the entire thing, by myself, in the next four days. How am I doing so far?
WElllllll.... at first I had no fear. I am a WOMAN of course! I can multi-task -- wipe noses, clean poopy diapers, entertain three, make meals and pack an entire household all in one fell swoop!
But today -- so far -- all I've gotten done is the kitchen. And I'm starting to panic a bit. Everyone is showing up on SAtruday morning -- (some on Friday) to load up our two ginormous UHAUL trucks. And I have a terrible fear that I'll be sobbing in a corner, rocking back and forth, mumbling about boxes. (I spent most of today driving all over the place looking for various boxes, because I don't want to break down and spend $3 a box at the UHAUL place. Yes, I'm cheap.
So, while I'm ecstatic to be moving, (even though we don't have a house to move to ... just a storage facility) This week will bring me ulcers never the less! If I survive ... I think Nathan should buy me something sparkly! ;)


DawnK said...

I can't imagine packing up my whole house in only 4 days, with three little ones, too! We had the movers pack us, when we moved to Sheboygan, but when we moved to our current house, I did the packing and I don't remember how long it all took. I think it took us more than 4 days, though! Good luck!

I'd be going crazy!

Joe said...

Good luck with the move and becoming a fellow Michigander! (Or whatever it is we are supposed to call ourselves.)
Also good luck packing with three little ones. I stress out just trying to clean with one running around, let alone three!

+gmjameson said...

hang in there. Call our old friend Monica Siebarth - and NO I am so not kidding - she would totally drive up and help!

Anonymous said...

hey katrina this is becky and i miss you guys already there is nothing to do here without you guys tell Gabe and Asher i said hi and rhylah too.
comment back love BECKY

Katrina said...

Heya Becky! We miss you guys too! I started crying today when I envisioned someone else living in our little house! You should have new neighbors tomorrow (Monday) I think! Keep in touch!! Say hi to your family for me!

Anonymous said...

hey katrina i think i saw a glimpse of the people who are moving in but they are not move in yet. so i guess i dont know but the SOLD sign is finally up on the house i cant tell you how many people rode there bikes or drove past and kind of look you know. well did you guys find a house yet?
love BECKY

Katrina said...

Yep, we sure did! We should be moving into it soon! But there's no chance we'll have neighbors as cool as you guys! :)