Friday, October 24, 2008

Day in Saugatuck

My sister came for a visit last weekend to see our new house and spend some time relaxing! We spent one afternoon in Saugatuck, a cozy, quaint little town with little shops and plenty to see and do. While we were there, we took advantage of the fall colors to plop the girls down into the leaves and snap some photos. Sydney and Rhylah are only three months apart, and we can hardly wait until they're old enough to chase each other around and have tea parties. For now, however, they will have to make do with making baby noises at each other and occasionally pulling on each other's faces. Ah the joys of babyhood!

Me and my girl on a beautiful Fall afternoon.

Rhylah and Sydney, enjoying the park, and trying to decide whether or not to eat the leaves...

"I don't know, it looks kinda crunchy ... should we try it?"

Fun smiles from Miss Sydney.

Rhylah shows off her new trick of standing. Don't worry Syd, in three months, you'll be chasing her all over the park!

Beautiful girl!

Okay, I know I'm biased, but isn't my niece a cutie pie???

"Here mom! A leaf, just for you!! Now tell my Uncle to get out of my face with the camera already!!"


CStaude said...

Wahoo!!!! Grammy is LOVING this post! I am going to make myself a new collage of just my grandgirls!!! THANKS for posting!!! We love you!

amy7252 said...

Oh, it's so nice to see pictures of Sydney -- what a doll! Love her top, too. What cute little cousins. Poor Elle wishes she had cousins to play with, too!

Nhia said...

Wow, have both girls grown! What happened to Sydney's mop of curly dark hair? :) What a cutie, though! Even though Rhylah doesn't have any sister(s) (yet!), isn't it great knowing that she's always got Sydney?