Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you Japan! I ... guess .... ???

I posted this 20-second YouTube video of Asher getting his ears cleaned almost a year and a half ago. Much to my surprise, when I checked my videos on YouTube recently, instead of the usual 80-100 hits that most of my homemade videos have, this one now has over 3,000. And many of the hits have come from Japan. ???? All I can say is, hats off to you Japan! You must enjoy strange videos of kids getting their ears cleaned!


CStaude said...

Oh my... I am laughing my socks off at this post! How funny! Leave it to the Japanese to find Asher's ears so entertaining!!! What a hoot!

Nhia said...

Too funny!

Did you get my email about "Ian the Player"? :)

Katrina said...

Yes I did! And you can tell him that Rhylah is CRUSHED! Hee hee! ;)