Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rhylah's 1-year photo

Nathan shot Rhy's 1-year photo this past weekend, and here it is! He also shot some great pics of the boys while he was at it. Enjoy!

Mr. Asher, looking dashing as ever. This boy needs a haircut. He keeps telling me he wants in short, "Like a baby." But I don't think I can ever cut it THAT short! I love his lovely long locks!

Super cool Gabriel!

Tell me this little girl doesn't have her daddy exactly where she wants him!! Wrapped around her little finger!

She's been giving kisses for a few weeks now. Well, sort of! She makes the sound "Mmmmmma!" and presses her face against mine. Very sweet!


amy7252 said...

Awesome pictures, as always. Can't believe how big everyone looks -- especially Gabe! My goodness, he's looking grown up! Does he leave for college next week? ;)

marzi said...

adorable as always! so nice to have a professional photographer in the house!

Nhia said...

Gabe and Ashers are STUDS! And Miss Rhylah is a darling! Super cool photos, as always. Ian's been kissing for a while now. He thinks it helps him get away with being naughty. While being punished, he thinks he can just lean over and peck me on the cheek and all is good in the world!

We miss you guys! Norah has declared that she and Asher are getting married. :)