Monday, October 06, 2008

Treasure Hunting

I LOVE antiques! The thing that I love most about them, is how one person's cast-off items are very often some else's treasure. In St. Joe, they have something called "Antiques on the Bluff" the first Sunday of every month throughout the summer. This past Sunday was the last one. And we found some really fun stuff -- including a pretty daisy ring that cost $2, and these funky, fun cups and saucers which have a built-in plate as part of the saucer -- the perfect spot for a scone or a cookie!


marzi said...

oooo....i love antiquing! when you were still in sheboygan did you ever visit 3 barns full? it's one of our favorite things to do, but with 2 little guys it's a hard thing to fit in the schedule so we don't get out as much as i'd like. love your finds!

Francie said...

Hey Kat!
I'm sooo sorry I didn't have a chance to call you or stop by this weekend. We weren't in St. Joe very long and my husband had booked our time there pretty solidly. I'll have to come back soon!


CStaude said...

Those sparkly treasures look even prettier in photos than they did when you bought them! Have you had coffee in them yet?