Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gabe's 11th Birthday

Gabe turned 11 at the end of January! ELEVEN!! We got him a "new" drum set we scored off of Craigslist. We stored it in the basement, all the while, telling him the sewer had leaked downstairs and he wasn't allowed down. For his gift, he opened the key to one of the drum heads. He just looked at it, confused, before telling us he already had two keys! I said "Are you sure it goes to your old drum set?" "Yeah!" he insisted. "Let's go downstairs," I suggested. We headed down. He froze when he saw the drums, then spun around and yelled "There was no sewer leak!!!" He was SOOOOO happy! It was really sweet!
We gave him the drum key, all wrapped up. He was so confused!
Here is his OLD drum set, so you can see the difference!


Cathy Willman said...


DawnK said...

Wow, he's lucky! You need to shoot a video of him playing the drums now'

Katrina said...

I know! I need to do that!