Thursday, March 14, 2013

More from Gabe's Big Day

Nate was out of town on a work trip for Gabe's birthday, so we ended up celebrating over several days! We did his big dinner and big present (the drums) while Nate was still here, and then his sleepover the following weekend, the day before Nate left! Then, on his actual day, he had a few more small gifts from us and Grandma and Papa Staude, to open up!
Aragorn's Quest, for the wii, from grandma and papa
The Hobbit Hole lego set, also from grandma and papa!


Cathy Willman said...

Um, just gotta say, I LOVE the Hobbit Hole set, that looks like So Much Fun!

Katrina said...

Yeah, doesn't it look like fun? I kinda wanted to put it together myself. Ha! :)