Thursday, March 14, 2013

SNOW ... Finally!!

Well, it took us until the end of January to get some significant snow this year! Of course, it happened just as Nate left for a two-week work trip, so I was the one stuck shoveling over, and over, and over again. Oh well! It was beautiful to get up early one morning when a snow day had been called, and greet the sunrise with my shovel!
Lucca in the snow. He HATES it, and won't go potty until I've shoveled him a tidy little path into the grass.
A pretty sunrise on a snowy morning.
The view down Niles Avenue.
Our snug house in the cold, blue morning.

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DawnK said...

Sheboygan finally got it's fair share of snow, at the end of February! It looked so pretty, but now I'm glad it's gone and that my tulips will be blooming soon!