Monday, September 10, 2007

If you're happy and you know it...

My youngest son taught me a little lesson about joy this weekend. Too often lately, my mentality has been to "just make it through the day" as I deal with my various aches and pains of pregnancy and the daily grind of work, as well as the constant energy that is necessary when raising two high-energy boys.

Last night was a beautiful night ... fall is setting in, and I was even wearing a sweater, it was so cool! About a dozen of the neighborhood kids were sitting, playing, or lounging on our lawn and porch swing, when I decided to tear Nate and the boys away for a quick walk around the block since it was so beautiful out. So we went to the park.

As we got there, Asher took off running, (he runs like a muppet, his whole body bouncing up and down, including the arms!) As he was bouncing along, wildly, trying to get to the playground as fast as his little chubby legs could carry him, I could hear the little cutie muttering under his breath "happee, happee, happpppeeee..." over and over and over. Nate and I just looked at eachother and grinned. And I realized that I could learn a lot from my little bugaboo. Happy? Me? Oh yes indeed! And I should probably think of that more often!

Another cute Asher story:
Asher has always had trouble saying Gabe's name. He used to pronounce it B-Gabe. I'm not sure why. But now the name "Gabriel" has turned into a breakfast food.
Last night, while tucking the boys into bed, Nate told Ash to say good night to Gabe.
"Say goodnight Gabriel!" urged Nathan.
"Na-night bagel," whispered Asher sleepily.
So "bagel" it is!

A cute Gabe story:
The other day Gabriel was asking me how the baby was situated in my tummy. I explained that she was head-down -- upside down, and could kind of float around where she wanted to.
Gabe looked at me and said "So there's no gravel in your tummy?"
Gravel??? I was confused. "What do you mean?" I asked.
"You know," Gabe said. "Like the astronauts in space. There's no gravel."
I smiled slowly. "You mean gravity??"
Gabe grinned sheepishly. "Yeah, gravity!"


marzi said...

such cute stories! what a bunch of cuties you have on your hands! .....and that's such a great photo!

CStaude said...

What a totally sweet entry!!! Made me sniffle..not gonna lie!

Babies are surrounded by gravel... hafta remember that one!

Love U

DawnK said...

Cute stories! They made me laugh. For a short while, Emily was Emwy instead! It didn't last long, as I recall, though.

amy7252 said...

Until I was in 5th grade, I thought that people took things "for granite" instead of "for granted" when they didn't know to appreciate something. :)

Very cute stories! I'm looking forward to cute Baby Girl Harrmann stories in the years to come!!