Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Too Weird

My big "little" man went back to school today. Full-time, all-day, REAL school. And after crying on my way out of his classroom, (making sure Gabe didn't see me in tears, of course....) Nathan comforted me all the way out of the school building... while Asher looked at me curiously and tried kissing me repeatedly from his perch on my side/belly bump.

And, my life has just suddenly gotten very strange and different.

Don't get me wrong, I had a nice day! Asher and I spent all morning running about, getting errands done. Oh, the ease of only having to wrangle ONE child through various shops and grocery stores! It was so easy!! Then we were home by about 10 a.m. to put away groceries and such. I bought fabric at Hobby Lobby and spent the better part of an hour reupholstering the rocking chair in the nursery...ripping off the old blue, checked fabric and replacing it with a white print, with spaced out stripes of pink and green...very pretty! (I hope baby girl likes it!)

I soon realized however, how strange it was to not have someone to talk to. Don't get me wrong, I talk with Asher all the time. But I don't have CONVERSATIONS with him like I used to with Gabriel. A "conversation" with Ash (or "Ashers" as he calls himself) usually runs like this.

"Asher are you hungry?
"Hungies!" (rhymes with Huggies")
"What would you like for lunch?"
Inarticulate sound...as mommy stands there trying to figure out what the sound means...chicken nuggets? Noodles? Sandwich? All this as Asher spoons peach yogurt into his lap and shouts out happily....

With Gabriel at lunch -- while I might not be discussing the meaning of life or anything deep -- we would at least have been into a deep discussion of the merits of various fighting implements of the Ninja Turtles or something along those lines. Something that made me THINK.

After lunch, it was time for Asher's nap and I was faced with something I haven't had for a long while. TIME. FOR MYSELF. I'm so pathetic, that after watching a Netflix movie ("Original Sin" with Antonio Banderas (yummy!) and Angelina Jolie) I got so bored that I actually went upstairs and watched Asher sleep for awhile. WOW. I'm living the high life now! :) Now most of you are probably wondering why I didn't choose to take a nap myself. Well, that's because sleep is impossible for me right now, and if I nap, it becomes even more of a nightmare, trying to sleep later that night. I get up about 8-10 times a night and am starting to look forward to the baby's arrival because it WILL actually mean better sleep for me. Truly. And that is strange indeed!

In other news, Asher is getting a "Big boy" bed today and will be moving in with Gabe. (I took video footage of the little guy sleeping in his crib for what MAY be the last time this afternoon) So it's a big day of changes. SNIFFLE! Gabe is off to school and part of a world where I only see him for an hour a day. And Asher is growing up before my eyes. How will I ever make it through the day with all this emotion!!!

PS: I'll have photos up of Gabe's first morning at school as soon as possible. My camera battery died this morning, so I have to wait for my hubby to graciously email me some photos! But I think he got some good ones, so it should be worth the wait!!! :)


Nhia said...

I hear ya. When it was just me, Norah and Ian today, I was tempted to go to a store -- ANY store -- just because I knew it would be easier shopping with two than three; then I'd be able to boast, "I went shopping today with just 2 kids and it was amazingly easier ..." :) Nevermind that I had nothing in mind to buy!

CStaude said...

You did well - you kept busy... and that's the best way to survive big emotional change! I am proud of you! (even as I sniffled while reading your post!!!)
Love you,

marzi said...

what a sweet post and a big change. my little guy is going to pre-school in december so i'm sure i'll be feeling the same way. :(

i'm just trying to catch up on my blog reading as we had our new little baby boy on thursday! i have a picture of him on my blog along with his stats.