Monday, September 03, 2007

Last day of summer

We celebrated "the day before school starts" by going to the Sheboygan County Fair. What a blast! We bought a new stroller for baby girl Harrmann and let Asher try it out at the fair. It worked beautifully and we had such a fun time. We ate corn dogs, corn on the cob (drenched in butter) cotton candy, funnel cakes and lemonade. Then we bought a bunch of tickets and let Gabriel ride on rides till he was about ready to drop. His favorites were the mini dragon roller coaster and the motorcycle ride. He and Nathan also went on the big Ferris Wheel. (see them in the photo) Then we saw cows, sheep, pigs and tractors. It was a scorcher of a day, so when we finally got home, drenched, we all piled out into the backyard into the kid's pirate pool to cool off and have a big water fight. Now THAT'S a perfect end to a great summer!


Anonymous said...

looks like alot of fun

CStaude said...

Oh boy! Corn Dogs! Gabe's favorite! I love county fairs. We went to the St. Charles County fair a few times.. and it was a scorcher too! Fairgrounds are notoriously HOT!

It looks like a really fun time!! Glad to see Gabe still likes his sunglasses!

DawnK said...

We went on Saturday, ate little doughnuts and sweet corn, viewed lots of animals, the 4H stuff, the school kid stuff, and watched the draft horse competition. We had fun, too.

+gmjameson said...

So ~ the roller coaster Gabe is riding must be the dragon? At first I thought it was some corn husk-themed ride, which then led me to say to Leon, "Hey! They went to some corn festival ..." and then I read your blog. Oops. It seemed very Wisconsin!! Love you!