Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vices, pointy ears and Chuck Berry

Okay, yes, that's an odd name for a post. But let me start by saying that my baby girl has vices already. WOW! Isn't she a bit young for that?? But there are seriously, a few guilty pleasures that I already KNOW she enjoys! Guilty pleasure number one? These amazing cookies that I found late at Walgreens the other night ... they taste just like those peanut butter girl scout cookies called Tagalongs ... Reeses makes them. Man, are they delicious! And baby girl LUVS them!
Vice number two, I discovered this afternoon when digging around in some ANCIENT CD's in our collection. I found the soundtrack to "Back to the Future" (a classic trilogy!!). While driving in my car to go pick up Gabe from school, the song "Johnny B. Goode" came blasting through the speakers and baby girl literally started turning cartwheels, pounding out the beat with her fists and toes -- it was hysterical! So she seems to be quite the Chuck Berry fan indeed!
Finally, a fun story from my son's back-to-school night. I was chatting with his teacher, who is just marvelous, when his teacher from last year came into the room and the three of us got to talking about Gabriel. His old teacher told a very humorous story about how, last year, on the day we had all gone to the clinic to get our ultrasound done and find out the gender of our baby, Gabe came back to school all excited and announced to his teacher that the baby was a girl.
"And do you know how they know it was a girl?" he asked her?
Rather nervously, she answered, "Noooo -- how did they know?"
"Because she had pointy ears." Announced Gabriel in a serious tone of voice.
POINTY EARS!!! I have no idea where he came up with this, as our baby's ears were never once under discussion at her ultrasound. But I thought it made a rather adorable story!


Anonymous said...

A boy cousin concluded that his mother's ultrasound was another boy because it had short hair and no earrings.

DawnK said...

LOL! I wonder where he came up with that? LOL! Cute story! Now you know what music to play to baby girl, after she's born!

CStaude said...

I love this post... It made me laugh almost as much as the "Baby coming... hold the gravel" post! Tell Bagel I love him!

KatHarrmann said...

Note to my readers: After reading this post last night, my husband had an impromptu craving and immediately went into the kithcen and finished off my precious peanut butter cookes. I am most displeased. ;)

amy7252 said...

Oh, Nate, by now you should know the cardinal rule -- NEVER take food from a pregnant lady!!

KatHarrmann said...

I KNOW!! Isnt' it terrible! I almost sent him out to Walgreens at 12:30 a.m. last night when I got home from work to get me some more!! I'm such a baby, I literally yelped in sorrow when I found the empty cookie box/wrapper in the trash when I got home! Sad, isn't it??? :)

marzi said...

that is so hilarous about the pointy ears!

when we had our ultrasound our little dude named the baby "baby fishy". who knows where they get this stuff from! :)