Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Playing dress-up

Okay, so it may be pushing the season a bit -- but Gabe and Ash got to be part of a Halloween photo shoot for Nate's magazine, so I HAD to post some photos here. Aren't they CUTE! (Okay, so I'm biased) Asher was dressed as a little pirate, complete with a scar on his face. I confess, I really didn't think he'd let us put on an eye patch, a bandana and a hook arm, (Gabe would NEVER have let us do that to him at that age!) but Ash seemed to get a kick out of it! In fact, we had trouble getting the stuff OFF of him -- especialy the eye patch! Gabriel got to dress up as a wizard -- Harry Potter in fact. He wasn't completely thrilled, but he played along like a trooper, and I think he looks super adorable! Yay boys! Now we just have to decide what we're REALLY going to be for Halloween this year!


+gmjameson said...

How can he NOT be thrilled? Tell him Harry Potter is just the coolest cat in town. (They both look quite brilliant, by the way!)

We have a nursery photo update ... check out our "photo of the moment ..."

Love you!

DawnK said...

Those are adorable costumes!

T.Leaf said...

Those pictures are the best...they make me a little sad that I'm too old to dress up for halloween! (or at least able to dress up and be that cute)

CStaude said...

"Argh" and hugs to the pirate and the Potter! Love you!