Saturday, November 10, 2007

All tied up

Yesterday, Rhylah gave me a funny look, with very wide eyes. I could almost hear her future teenaged voice saying "I can't believe mom just embarassed me in PUBLIC!!" The funny thing is, I have absolutely NO idea what was making her so amazed ... perhaps the funky chandelier in our diningroom... I snapped her picture before this priceless expression could disappear.

Gabriel, the shoe-tying champ!

Have shoes, will travel!!

While getting ready for our nephews birthday party this morning, I heard a shout from downstairs. "I did it! I tied my shoe!!" Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Gabriel tied his own shoe this afternoon. Granted, he did it in a somewhat backward way, basically tying a knot and then sticking the ends in and through to make the bunny ears, but it has the idential appearance to a regular tie, and I could not tell the difference until he explained how he did it. I suppose it's only a matter of time till he does it the good old fashioned way ... (remember the good old rhyme about bunny ears and going around the tree??). The other photo is just a funny one I took of Rhy yesterday. She was looking at me with the most wide-eyed, astonished expression. It made me laugh so hard, and then it made me grab my camera ... I couldn't resist. I'm sure this isn't the last astonished, freaked-out look I will get from my daughter!

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DawnK said...

Tying shoes is a good skill! He did a great job! That look on Rhylah's face, made me want to back up again. I wonder what made her do that! I can see why you grabbed the camera!