Monday, November 05, 2007

Miss Rhy turns 1 ... month

Here are some photos in honor of my sugar pie's one month birthday! Enjoy!

Gabriel and Rhy: Photo was taken after school this afternoon.

Rhylah is one month old! She's growing up so fast! :)

This is just a photo that I like of her sleeping.

Rhy gets some tummy time on the carpet while the house is quiet ... Ash is sleeping and Gabe is at school ... a rare moment of peace!!


Nhia said...

How adorable! So sweet and precious. Relish these moments. With each kid, as they've gotten a bit older (as I'm sure you know), I found myself thinking, "Where did all the time go from when they first came home from the hospital to now?" It flies by waaaaay too quickly.

DawnK said...

It's been a month already? Wow! It does go by fast! I don't know how my kids got to be teenagers so fast! She does look so serene while she's sleeping!

CStaude said...

Happy 1 month Rhy! Keep those great pics coming, momma... we love 'em here in St. Chuck!

marzi said...

very sweet